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2009-2012. SARTRE - Safe Road Trains for the Environment – is concerned with the development and testing of technologies that would enable vehicles to form, and drive semi-autonomously in, long ‘road trains’ on motorways. This could be expected to give smoother traffic flows and reduced journey times, improve driver comfort, reduce the number of accidents and reduce fuel consumption, with the additional benefit of reducing carbon dioxide emissions.
SP’s role in SARTRE

The project group is defining and developing the communication system between vehicles in the road train.  The objective is that vehicles must be able to communicate with each other for such purposes as coordinated speed and steering. The system uses radio, and must be reliable. SP is responsible for such areas as safety analysis, validation and integration of the test system. The project, which started in September 2009 and will continue until August 2012, is partly financed by the European Commission under the Seventh Framework Programme.

Project partners

The project brings together Ricardo UK Ltd, Idiada and Robotiker-Tecnalia from Spain, Institut für Kraftfahrwesen Aachen (IKA) from Germany, and Swedish companies SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden, Volvo Car Corporation and Volvo Technology.


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