Fire Research

Below some of the research areas within Fire Research can be found. The picture shows a scale test of a train wagon in 1/3 scale carried out in SP's large extinguishing hall. Scaling theory is a very powerful tool to carry out experiments that would be too costly to perform in full-scale.

Fire in buildings

The research area fire safety in buildings is driven a lot by the EU harmonisation and fire engineering. Read more...

Fire and transportation

The consequence of a fire occurring in a transport system e.g. a ferry or a train can result in serious consequences.Read more...

Fires in tunnels

RISE works with a number of important tunnel projects. We conduct research on extinguishing systems and we participate in several tests of extinguishing systems in full scale.Read more...

Industrial Fire Protection

The research area industrial fire protection.

Fire safe storage of biomass and waste

The increasing use of biofuels and waste involves new risks. Read more...

Shipping and offshore

RISE is an extensive resource for manufacturers and suppliers within the shipping and off-shore branches.Read more...

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