Renewable transformation of energy from wind and wave energy and marine constructions

Renewable energy comes from energy sources that are constantly renewed and will therefore never run out in the foreseeable future. Solar, wind, water, biomass and geothermal energy counts as renewable type of energy. Globally, we have a growing energy needs that must be met by renewable energy sources in the coming decades. Offshore renewable energy will play an increasingly important role in the market by making it more commercially sustainable.

To achieve this, we need to work our way methodically requiring frequent dialogues with developing companies in the market to understand the challenges and meet up with needs by applying research and technological development.



Wave power



There are various ways to transform the energy of the waves into something more useful form. Usually when we think of wavwe energy is it in terms of to produce electricity, but there are examples of the use of wave power for other purposes such as desalination plants. By moving out to sea so have the demands on our structures increased dramatically. For being able to construct a wave power plant, it is therefore necessary to understand the environment you are in. 


The emergence of the sea waves is a complicated process and studies of natural waves is therefore based on measurements of the size of the waves and wind conditions, and based on that the data have been analysed to give a picture of wave conditions.

Questions that we are to answer is how we deal with the variations in the wave effect and how to construct wave power plants so they can withstand the stresses resulting from the storms and the corrosive environment of the sea, and at the same time get an acceptable economics.

Sweden has the right conditions to become exporter of complete power stations, subsystems, components, services and knowledge, but requires that we understand the requirements surrounding environment imposes on our constructions. 

Wind power
Land-based wind power is now a mature technology which is built out of large parts of the world. In Europe the focus now switches over to more offshore wind and large wind farms planned in the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. To the expansion in the Baltic Sea will start, a political will is needed and economic stimulus measures for the Baltic Sea. SP is by OffshoreVäst involved in research and development of new knowledge in operational and maintenance issues for offshore wind and wave energy where SPs broad expertise in measurement technology, smart grids and testing can be utilized.

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