Open House

Benchmarking and mainstreaming building sustainability in the EU based on transparency and openness (open source and availability) from model to implementation.

The overall objective of OPEN HOUSE is to develop and to implement a common European transparent building assessment methodology, complementing the existing ones, for planning and constructing sustainable buildings by means of an open approach and technical platform.

OPEN HOUSE will develop a transparent approach able to emerge collectively in an open way across the EU. This approach will be communicated to all stakeholders and their interaction and influence on the methodology will be assured in a democratic way.

The baseline will be existing standards (both CEN/TC 350 and ISO TC59/SC17), the EPBD Directive and its national transpositions and methodologies for assessing building sustainability at international, European and national level.

The core assumption of our approach is that there is little chance for any assessment methodology to become the mainstream and to reach the “label” level, unless it is something that has been developed in a transparent, collective way.

Only EU wide discussion towards a common approach will produce an EU wide assessment methodology for sustainable buildings contributing to current activities on standardisation of assessment methodologies at European level and also to a European potential related standard. Transparency is the key word; just as the ISO recommendations wisely highlight.

The scientific and technical objectives are:

  • To define the OPEN HOUSE baseline: an open and transparent European platform for building sustainability
  • To widely communicate the baseline concept and outline the mechanism for interaction among the project and stakeholders
  • To build up the OPEN HOUSE Platform: facilitating a pan EU effort towards a common view on building sustainability
  • To pave the way for implementing and evaluating the methodology: selection of case studies and mechanisms for decision making
  • To evaluate and refine the methodology by the feedback resulting from case studies and real sustainable public procurement cases and other stakeholders inputs
  • Towards dissemination and exploitation of the OPEN HOUSE methodology
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