Harmonisation of Building Regulations in the Nordic Countries

This project forms a part of “The Nordic Countries as one well-functioning market and an integrated region”, a project of the Nordic Innovation Center (NICe). It is financed by NICe together with industries in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland. The project goes on during 2007 and will be finished during 2008.


The objective is to strengthen the Nordic industry through similar and transparent requirements, so that with a minimum of technical ”trade obstacles” the market can increase with the intention to further develop the building of wooden houses. The aim is to compile a package of measures to influence a reduction of the differences in the current Nordic regulations, which the industries experience as obstacles.


The transformation of the wood manufacturing industries from local suppliers of finished products to creators of concepts establishes conditions for new companies and company groups. It is important to make it easier for the industries to address larger markets.

By removing obstacles like differences in the building regulations and simplify for the industry to reach a larger market the productivity can be increased and give opportunities for development of new, innovative and non-standard products. Considered over a longer period the simplifications will also reduce the costs for houses.


- SP Wood Technology
- WoodCenter North
- Forum for Building Costs, The National Board
  of Housing, Building and Planning
- Swedish Federation of Wood and Furniture
- Skanska residential Development Nordic AB

SP Wood Technology
Project manager Anders Gustafsson
and Anna Pousette
Phone: +46 10 516 50 00
e-mail: Anders.Gustafsson@sp.se
- Norwegian Homebuilders Association

Sidsel Jerkø and Dag Fjeld Edvardsen
Phone: +47 22 96 55 55
e-mail: Sidsel.jerko@sintef.no
- Danish Technological Institute, Timber
- Danish Standard - Building
- NørlundViskum, Wood

Danish Technological Institute, Timber
Peder Fynholm
Phone: +45 72 20 23 33
e-mail: peder.fynholm@teknologisk.dk
- Finnish Forest Industry Federation
- Confederation of Finnish Construction
  Industries RT,  Wood Products Industry
- Finnish House Manufacturers Association

Finnish Forest Industry Federation
Pekka Nurro
Phone: +358 9 686 545 14
e-mail: Pekka.nurro@woodfocus.fi

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