Metrological research

The needs of business and society for reliable and close access to traceable measurement place increasingly higher requirements for complexity in combination with higher accuracy.

This brings with it a need for continuous research and innovation of  traceable measurement, standards  and related measurement methods. The strategic development of primary measurement resources is need-driven and application-oriented towards the direct benefit of technology development and innovation.


Research and innovation (R&I) are both focused on the development of methods of calibration in new areas. An important objective is to develop robust measurement techniques which allow measurements in situ.

Measurement R&I activities are in five areas:
Research Challenges exist in extended ranges and in food quality:
  • Extended scale (Pico to giga)
  • Measurement on-line and in real time, and measurements under dynamic conditions
  • Several simultaneous parameters
  • Sensor Development

An essential element in our research is the development of metrology, where traceability is crucial.

Research within the positioning

We have developed a new system for the determination of position, velocity and acceleration based on sensor-fusion technology. Read more...

Optical properties of surfaces

This project is intended to identify the needs of Swedish and Nordic industry for improvements in the field of optical measurement technology and optical reference materialsRead more...

Advances in torque measurement

A new torque reference standard is now being installed in our force laboratory, and will enable us to perform calibrations up to 5000 Nm. Read more...

Light-emitting diodes: the next-generation light source

On behalf of the Swedish Energy Agency, RISE is running a three-year project to evaluate technical solutions and investigate various development paths for LEDs. Read more...

Advanced mathematical methods in metrology

SP is working to develop new mathematical methods in measurement technology. Read more...

Development of measurement techniques in the microwave

Contactless measurement of S-parameters and power.
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