Measurement of Energy and the Environment

Research on high-quality measurements in the energy and environmental sectors that contributes to the establishment of sustainable energy systems along the whole energy chain (from production of energy to use).

In particular, technologies that do not harm the environment, including reduced greenhouse emissions while ensuring secure energy supply.

The following projects are included in our research:

Non-contact flow measurement

Development of non-contact measurement of liquid flow, eg in the nuclear sector in the pursuit of higher power levels is in progress in Sweden and at other nuclear plants around the world.

Measurement of electric power

Power Measurement for the determination of electricity quality and electrical losses in electrical power systems and the measurement of power planned for High voltage direct current, HVDC, transmission. SP for several years has built up an international excellence in the field of "ac-dc transfers" and the measurement of the electrical power / energy. Expertise in the electric power technical measurements is now amongst the best in the world and has been critical in promoting energy conservation in society. Work on skills-building has been ongoing for more than ten years.

Measurements with GNSS

In collaboration with Chalmers, Onsala Space Observatory applications have been developed in GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems) to determine the level of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, ie a measure of global warming and the sun's impact on the upper atmospheric layers.

Project results include measurements of earth crustal movements related to continental drift and land uplift after the last ice age, Earth's orientation in space, Earth's rotational speed, and global and local sea levels.

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