Mechanical reliability Centre - lifetime testing in the lab

Products and structures that are subject to fluctuating loads over time will eventually fail. SP’s Mechanical Reliability Centre investigates the strength of structures and determines their reliable lifespans.

We test materials, components, products and systems, and calculate their lifespan and margin of uncertainty. As a result of the work done at the centre our clients are able to put a price tag on lifespan. We carry out testing in the lab environment and in the field.

Our clients come from a variety of sectors: automotive, aviation and shipping industries, telecom, nuclear power, the construction sector and manufacturing industry. In the medical technology field we have even investigated the fatigue limits of dental implants. The centre has also been involved in large European projects, in collaboration with major truck manufacturers for example, and in EU-funded research projects.

The centre has gradually grown. Initially it was purely a fatigue lab that concentrated on routine testing, but the focus has shifted as our involvement with various industrial partners has developed.

Since 2005 we have increasingly specialised in reliability testing, and have now developed a multidisciplinary approach based on mathematical statistics, reliability and fatigue as a basis for lifetime determination.

In the year 2000 the centre set up the national fatigue network (UTMIS) – a forum for SMEs, institutes and technical colleges that now includes around 40 member organisations.

The Mechanical Reliability Centre is run by SP in Borås, while various activities are carried out in Gothenburg.


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