Generic metrology and measurement technology

Generic metrology and measurement techniques not normally linked to an industry or a specific application, but is nevertheless of fundamental importance, for example in the develop of new measurement methods.
Research Skills

At project level Swedish competence is on a par with that of our European colleagues and is internationally acknowledged.


Industrial and community users and stakeholders in these projects, both large multinational companies (eg Agilent, Vattenfall, e-on) as well as SMEs.

Development of measurement techniques in the microwave

Contactless measurement of S-parameters and power.

Optical properties of surfaces

This project is intended to identify the needs of Swedish and Nordic industry for improvements in the field of optical measurement technology and optical reference materialsRead more...

New methods to calibrate low gas flow

The aim of the project is to calibrate low mass gas flows and standard / fixed leaks with good accuracy. Read more...

EURAMET and European metrology research programme (EMRP)

Increased demand for metrological services has led to the cooperation EURAMET.Read more...

Minet - Measurement of perception & cognition "Measuring the Impossible"

Soft metrology involves measurements in which human perception or interpretation is an important factor.Read more...

Advanced mathematical methods in metrology

SP is working to develop new mathematical methods in measurement technology. Read more...
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