The goal of MOGENTES is to generate efficient test cases from models and thereby simplify testing and verification of dependable embedded systems.

Model-based development is growing in popularity when large systems are designed. The functionality and properties of the system are captured in models from which code can be generated, compiled, and downloaded to the target hardware. Hence, it is natural to also try to generate test cases from models.

MOGENTES makes it possible

MOGENTES will make it possible for experts from different application areas to take advantage of test case generation techniques based on formal methods or fault injection.

MOGENTES will advance the state-of-the-art in testing of dependable embedded systems within the following areas:
  • Model-driven Development and Testing
  • Fault Modelling
  • Mutation-Based Generation of Test Cases
  • Simulating Hardware Related Faults at Model Level
  • Using Minimal Cut Sets (MCS) to Identify Efficient Test cases
  • Coherent Tool-Integration Framework for Test Generation
  • Requirements Traceability
SP's focus in the project

The work of SP is focused on fault injection, especially how fault-injection can efficiently be applied at the model level. Together with mutation testing, fault injection at model level will discover bugs and design deficiencies as well as evaluating the robustness of the system at an early stage of system development. SP will also investigate how well hardware-related faults can be simulated at model level.

Finally SP will participate in the investigation on how minimal cut sets can be used to reduce the number of test cases.

Project partners:

Austrian Research Centers – ARC
Budapest University of Technology and Economics
ETH Zurich
Ford Forschungszentrum Aachen GmbH
Graz University of Technology
Prolan Co.
Prover Technology AB
Re:Lab S.R.L.
SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden
Thales Rail Signalling Solutions GesmbH

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