Optical properties of surfaces

This project is intended to identify the needs of Swedish and Nordic industry for improvements in the field of optical measurement technology and optical reference materials, and to apply existing resources to improve methods of measurement and participate in round-robin measurements in the optical field.

We are developing optical methods for quantitative measurement of surfaces that are important for many types of materials used in the 'creative industries', such as paper, paints, glass, polymers, thin films, ceramics, textiles and furniture. 

Calibration of reference materials

One of the aspects of the work is the need for calibration of reference materials in research areas including polymer science, biology, medicine, biochemistry and environmental sciences such as water and air analyses. 

The basal measurement categories that we want to develop and improve are measurements of fluorescing materials, diffusely scattering surfaces, gloss measurement and measurement of refractive indices. 

Target group

This work is aimed at both national and international customers and interests. 

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