Measurement of process and production applications

Traceable measurement technology in process and production applications is a growth area highlighted as a priority research field and in particular in technological studies.
Non-stop measurement

Increasingly in process and manufacturing, production is made as far as possible without downtime. This in turn requires that dynamic measurement techniques need to be further developed to manage processes optimally.

Dynamic measurements

SP Measurement Technology conducts research directed to this end, with internationally recognised results in the analysis of dynamic measurement errors.


SP is relatively unique among the national metrology institutes by having activities for most measurands relatively close together in house. In areas such as dynamic measurements, this synergy gives competitive advantages in the international research arena, as the study of dynamic processes which are well developed in the electrical quantities, can usefully be transferred to the mechanical field.


SP Measurement Technology has collaborated in R&I with some heavy industries in the process sector, such as the Swedish forest industry and the Dutch flowmeter manufacturer Krone.

Dynamic measurement

Dynamic measurements are ubiquitous in virtually all modern technological applications.Read more...

Indisputable Key

How to meet the consumers and expectations in the most efficient way.Read more...

Research within the positioning

We have developed a new system for the determination of position, velocity and acceleration based on sensor-fusion technology. Read more...

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