Safety factors on engineering basis

Within the Building Technology and Mechanics department we are working in many areas to develop safety factors for mechanical designs based on just the knowledge that the engineer has available.

This approach differs from the traditional, often based on proven but vague criteria, which do not provide for the continual improvement of modern construction technology requires.

It also differs from the probabilistic methods, including Monte Carlo simulations, which unfortunately often forced to rely on subjective choices of abstract statistical distributions as a substitute for a lack of knowledge.

Our engineering methodology based on the established methodology FORM (First Order Reliability Method) and has developed over a period of five years in close cooperation with the FCC - Fraunhofer Chalmers Center for Industrial Mathematics, Mathematical Sciences at Chalmers, Volvo Aero in Trollhättan and the European truck industry.

RISE stands ready to assist with the adaptation and application of this methodology what static than needed.


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