Solar energy - Research, development, and international cooperation

RISE has a prominent role in a European network that includes test institutes, industrial companies and certifiers where the European Solar Keymark certification is continuously discussed, revised and further developed. We participate in two different IEA partnerships: One around the performance and reliability of solar products and one that deals with building-integrated soles. We have a clear goal to increase our international commitment in the solar field.

During the period 2009-2013 RISE has facilitated work on the European (and, in fact, the global) standardisation of solar collectors. The European standard has been revised extensively as a result of rapid technology development and heavy pressure from industry, and it was published in 2013 in the form of a new globally valid ISO standard.


Examples of solar energy activities in which we are active:

  • RISE runs two major solo research projects in 2015-2017, where we gather large teams of participants from construction and solar contractors, architects, builders and researchers to create opportunities for positive market development and increased entrepreneurship in various ways. The project "PROOF" deals with roof-integrated soles and will result in a demonstration facility in one of Skanska's construction projects in Gothenburg and show the possibilities of next-generation roof-integrated solar cells.
    In the "ELSA" project, focusing on generating solar shields, we explore how to achieve an optimal combination of daylight management, solar shielding and power generation through various sun protection solutions. The project will result in a demonstration facility at RISE in Borås and guides for builders and architects
  • RISE participated actively since the start in the development of the European quality label for solar thermal Products Solar Keymark.
  • RISE participates in two major international collaborations within International Energy Agencys Solar Program IEA PVPS In both, tens of countries participate with Germany, the US and Japan, which gives us the opportunity to share many years of experience from leading markets. Task 13 is devoted to quality issues regarding solar modules and systems, and Task 15 is about contributing in various ways to building integrated solar technology to become more competitive.
  • In the project "Biofuels and solar heat for 100% renewable heat supply" 2013-2015, RISE collaborated with Chalmers University of Technology, SERC / Dalarna University and the industry in a research project aimed at developing effective heating systems based on the combination of solar heating and pellet burning.
  • RISE evaluated in 2013-2014 a large number of solcellsmoduler och växelriktare commissioned by the Energy Agency's test lab. Comprehensive measurements and tests have resulted in a broad knowledge base primarily aimed at energy advisors and individuals.
  •  RISE has had a leading role in the EU Project QAiST- “Quality Assurance in Solar Heating and Cooling Technology, Keeping track with recent and upcoming developments”. The main objective of the project, which ended in 2012, was to promote the strong development and growth of thermal solar technology, which will thus make a significant contribution to a sustainable and domestic energy system in Europe. This ensures that standards, test methods and certification rules keep pace with technology development and allow for the widest possible flexibility for future innovations. Examples of solar thermal engineering are new materials, concentrating solar collectors and combinations with other technologies, for example. cold and heat pumps. Among the main tasks of RISE in the project was to provide documentation for the revision of the EN 12975 standard which resulted in a new ISO standard. RISE also developed a calculation aid
    ScenoCalcthat became part of the Solar Keymark system and ensures that energy exchange from solar collectors are calculated in a correct and similar way across Europe.

Solar Energy

RISE has very long experience of solar energy and works with both solar PV and solar heating. We aim at companies and consumers, collaborate with research institutes, universities, industry organizations and government agencies and offer a variety of services.Read more...
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