Sorghum foams

New products from sorghum by joint research

Scientists from Sweden and South Africa cooperate to improve the foam making properties of sorghum in order to increase sorghum utilisation and production. Foams are critical non-food and food structures. Foamed natural polymers, starch and proteins, are an environmentally friendly alternative to synthetic plastics in packaging. Bread doughs are protein and starch foams. The Swedish partners SIK and Chalmers have expertise in polymer physical structures and the South African partner University of Pretoria has skills in sorghum proteins and breadmaking. This complementary expertise is shared through seminars and training of doctoral students. Sorghum starch and proteins are isolated and analysed and their foaming properties are investigated using extrusion and doughmaking. The effects of various parameters on foam formation and stability is determined. The outputs of the project are scientific papers, doctoral students and dissemination of knowledge on how to process sorghum.

Project participants:

SIK - The Swedish Institute for Food and Biotechnology, Structure and Material Design

University of Pretoria, Department of Food Science

Chalmers University of Technology, Department of Materials and Manufacturing Technology


Photo: © John Taylor, 2005

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