Advances in torque measurement

A new torque reference standard is now being installed in our force laboratory, and will enable us to perform calibrations up to 5000 Nm.

Our present calibration capacity for torque sensors and torque measuring systems is from 0,1 Nm till 2500 Nm.

New torque standard

In order to be able to extend our calibration range, and thus to be able to provide calibrations up to 5000 Nm, we have purchased a new torque reference standard, which is at present being installed in our laboratory. 

Unique equipment

With this equipment, which one of just a few in the world, we will be able to extend our resources in the field of torque measurement, and thus expand our range of services to Swedish and international industries for calibration and development, while at the same time improving our torque calibration services. 

Force and torque

We calibrate your force and torque measuring devices, either in our laboratories or at site.Read more...

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