Fire and transportation

A fire in a transport mean such as a ferry or a train can lead to serious consequences. Today's society is dependent on transportation, both of people and goods.

RISE Fire Research works with all modes and all aspects of fires from the initiation of the fire, how it grows, how to detect and extinguish it, and to make analysis of the gases. Within maritime transport, we are working with the fire safety of the cases where you are replacing traditional construction materials like steel and lightweight materials such as composites. Extinguishing systems at sea is also an important area.

For trains the focus has been on fire properties of materials inside the compartments, etc. One current area is the toxic gases that can be emitted and how to measure them. Fires in vehicles on the road is another important area. Here we have, for example, studied fires in buses, on behalf of the Swedish and Norwegian Road Administration. Efforts to make vehicles more environmentally friendly may have consequences for fire hazards, areas that are relevant here are E85 and other new fuels and electric vehicles as well as electric hybrids

Fires in buses

Fires in buses are quite common and can cause major consequences. Read more...

New fuels

New fuels in vehicles might also involve new risks. We offer both evaluation of such risks and how to eliminate these.Read more...

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