Alternative road-making and soil improvement materials

This working area has two sub-areas: alternative road-making and civil engineering materials, and earth and soil improvement materials. Research is carried out in close conjunction with our scientists in the field of rock materials and with other sections within SP.

The aim of this research is to support quality control and certification. The amount of certification work is constantly increasing, enabling a waste product to be converted to a well-defined product that can be sold on a market where controlled and measured quality is required.

Development of quality criteria and associated testing methods is a central activity, requiring technical tests as well as active contact with manufacturers, users, public authorities and independent experts in order to ensure that quality criteria are firmly based.

Alternative road construction materials

This work involves development of quality criteria for ashes, slags etc., together with functional and environmental characterisation of waste materials. This is done in close conjunction with the rock materials laboratory, and involves the same equipment. Environmental parameters are tested by the department Chemistry and Materials Technology. Examples of projects include quality criteria for ashes for use as building materials, an ATB road for Hyttsten and the leaching properties of natural ballast.

Earth and soil improvement materials 


We certify earth for landscaping, compost, bio-fertiliser (digester residue from biogas plants) and biosludge. We also perform inspection for the ReVAQ project. Research and development are concentrated on solving problems for companies working in these fields, and are carried out in conjunction with companies and organisations such as SIK, SVA and JTI. A couple of typical examples are disinfection of vehicles for carrying digester sludge, and handling of packaged food wastes.


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