Aerosol laboratory


Spray and jet characterisation

Measurements of droplet size distributions by laser-based optical methods.

  • Done in sprays of transparent and semi-transparent particles and droplets
  • Measurements can be completed in accordance to CEN/TS 14972
  • Measurement range between10 and 600 μm





Flow characterisation

2D non-intrusive laser-based measurements of velocity flow fields in transparent and semi-transparent fluids



Measurements of particle matter

Measurements of particle size distributions from atmospheric, pharmaceutical and combustion generated aerosols.

  • Gravimetric and impactor based measurements
  • Real time measurements
  • Flexible equipment for aerosol sampling and conditioning




Measurements of radiation and visible light using spectrometers




Transmission curves comparing uncoated and coated windows with VO2 coatings








Comparison of spectra from flaming and smouldering fires






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