Do you really know the characteristics of your fire extinguisher? If you are involved in production, quality control or testing of fire extinguishers, you will certainly get much benefit from this overall test equipment.

A portable fire extinguisher is composed of a large number of components. Its ability to extinguish a fire depends on how these components work togther. Until now it has only been possible to measure each component separately or to measure the spray time and the total amount of discharged medium.

The EFFUNC gives you all this, plus the information you have been lacking - in one test!

The EFFUNC is the ideal tool for quality control in the production of the production of extinguishers, as any changes of the components or the extinguishing medium are reflected in the graph.

The EFFUNC consists of a weighing device and a controlling computer and is very easy to use. After mounting the extinguisher on the weighing device and adjusting the powder collector the operator controls the test from the computer.

The EFFUNC measures the extinguishing medium discharge rate during the entire discharge period. The discharge rate is plotted versus time on a graph.

The software runs under MS-Windows.


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