Plate Thermometer

The PT is sensitive to radiation

The PT has a large exposed surface to make it more sensitive to radiation than a standard thermocouple (T/C). You place it in the furnace so that it receives the same radiation as the specimen. The back is insulated from radiative influence from the specimen.

The PT has a fast response

The PT is very thin, only 0.7 mm. Therefore it responses nearly as quickly as a standard T/C to changes in furnace temperature. The time response is fast. Thus the temperature delay is negligible except readings during the first few minutes of a standard ISO 834-1 test.

Basic design

The PT is a simple and robust instrument. It can be used over and over again like ordinary T/C's. A shielded T/C (type K) is carefully welded or squeezed by mutual strips to a steel plate (see figure below). The plate thermometer is made of   Inconel 600 stainless steel. The front side facing into the furnace is treated to give it an emissivity of about 0.8. The PT is mounted in the furnace with a supporting tube. The T/C shall be replaced after 50 h testing according to prEN 1363-1.

A mount with an internal R 1/4" thread may then be welded directly to the edge of the plate. A piece of stainless steel tubing of desired length may be screwed into this mount. The in-side diameter of the steel tube should be at least 6.5 mm.

The PT is mounted near the specimen

The PT is placed in the furnace near the specimen with the front-side facing the interior of the furnace. Additional PT's are used to measure variations of the thermal impact along the surface of the specimen (see prEN 1363-1).


prEN 1363-1 Fire resistance tests - Part 1 General requirements

Reports in the subject

 1997:32  Modification of the Plate Thermometer - Proving Tests at SP and WFRC
 1997:28  The Plate Thermometer - Practical Aspects
 1989:03 The Plate Thermometer - A Simple Instrument for Reaching Harmonized Fire Resistance Tests
 1986:17  A Proposal regarding Temperature Measurements in Fire Test Furnaces

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How to get the Plate Thermometer

PT's can be obtained from Pentronic by E-mail or phone +46 (0)490 670 00, fax +46 (0)490 237 66. The article number is 5928 060-001.


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