EMC - Vehicles

Our large test halls – with the names of Faraday and Awitar – has been designed in conjunction with the Swedish automotive industry specifically for EMC testing of vehicles. In addition to testing EMC characteristics of road vehicles, we have substantial experience of testing forest machinery, earthmoving machinery, military vehicles, electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles and other plant and equipment.
Testing large vehicles

The test halls can accept vehicles and other equipment for testing with a weight of up to 70 tonnes. Field strengths of over 200 V/m can be created at frequencies up to 18 GHz, which is a requirement for certain automotive and military standards.

Radar pulses of several kV/m can be generated in the L, S, C and X bands. The turntable incorporates a four-wheel chassis dynamometer, supported by a sophisticated control system.

Tests can be performed in several different environments, such as 3G, GSM, GPS or DAB.

Testing smaller vehicles and automotive components

The high field strengths needed for testing automotive components can be generated in one of our smaller test chambers. Smaller vehicles, such as electric mopeds, small electric factory trucks and similar items can be tested in Tesla, our medium-sized test hall. Our accreditation covers all measurement methods required for EMC testing in accordance with UN ECE R10, the UN regulation for road vehicles.

Assistance with technical documentation and testing

RISE (formerly SP) is a Technical Service for the Swedish Transport Agency and for the corresponding body in Finland and Taiwan. This means that we can assist with the preparation of technical documentation and the full testing needed for EMC type approval in accordance with the UN ECE R10 regulation. However, the actual type approval is always issued by the respective transport agency.

The EMC laboratory

RISE has seven test facilities for EMC testing, all with their speciality application areas. Read more...
AWITAR - Automotive Wireless Test and Research Facility

Awitar - Automotive Wireless Test and Research Facility

The electronics of today are highly complex, and the trend continues. We are now engaged in building Awitar, a world-leading test and research facility for wireless communication systems and EMC for e.g. autonomous vehicles and active safety systems.Read more...
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