Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) – products for industry

HertzWe offer services in situations that require special resources, unique competence and accredited testing. We have extensive resources and can offer efficient testing of small and medium-sized products alongside testing of vehicles and other larger products with very high EMC requirements.
EMC requirements must be met during CE marking

In order to CE-mark a product it must be demonstrated that the product meets the requirements of the EMC Directive. RISE can carry out the necessary tests for this, such as for radiated and conducted emissions and immunity, and resistance to voltage spikes and electrostatic discharge (ESD).

Our long experience of industrial equipment means that we can broaden the understanding of specific EMC problems related to frequency converters, PLC and handling of low-level signals from pressure and temperature sensors etc.

EMC Directive

We are certified by SWEDAC for a wide range of standards and have been appointed as a notified body for the EMC Directive, among other functions. This means that we can issue certificates confirming that a product meets the directive's requirements, e.g. in cases where the manufacturer has verified the product in a way that is not covered by the relevant standards.

Testing of radio communication equipment

Before any piece of radio communication equipment can be released to the European market, it must be CE-marked in accordance with the Radio Directive. The directive sets out a number of demands which are labelled as “essential requirements”. Read more...

The EMC laboratory

RISE has seven test facilities for EMC testing, all with their speciality application areas. Read more...
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