Testing and CE-marking - Industrial doors, Garage doors and Gates

CE-marking according to Construction Products regulation (CPR) is mandatory for industrial doors, garage doors and gates on the European market. We are one of the leading bodies in the field of all necessary tests and assessments in accordance with the European harmonized product standard EN 13241:1-1:2003+A1:2011.

We help you with everything you need related to testing of doors and gates. Our experience, our cutting edge competence and unique access to world-class testing and research in a large number of fields make us a partner you can rely on.

Read more about mandatory tests to be performed according to EN 13241-1 by a Notified Body by using the link in the right margin.

EN13241-1 also contains a number of tests that do not need to be carried out by a notified body. However, we can of course help with these as well and guide you through the entire process of testing. Find out more under "Manufacturer's tasks" in the right margin.

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