Lubricating greases which meet environmental requirements according to Swedish Standard SS 155470

The use of lubricating grease on moving parts is essential in order to save energy and diminish friction and wear. Since the grease used is consumed and may leak to the environment it is vital to use environmentally adapted grease, especially in outdoor applications.

In 1998 environmental criteria for lubricating grease were compiled within the Gothenburg project "Ren Smörja". These criteria have been elaborated and are now a part of the Swedish Standard "Lubricating Grease – Requirements and Test Methods – SS 15 54 70". After an international hearing the standard was issued in 2002 and the official English version 2004. 

From an international perspective, the environmental requirements, as given in Section 4.2 in the standard, are rigorous and signify that the base fluid in the lubricating grease should be biodegradable, with minimal aquatic toxicity. Further an examination of chemical compounds with sensitising properties is required. A lubricating grease conforming to SS 15 54 70 is classified in one of the environmentally adapted classes A, B, or C differentiated by the maximum level of substances allowed. Throughout the whole standard Class A implies the strictest requirements and with respect on renewable resources Class A stipulates a mass content of more than 65 %. The content of renewable resources in Class B should be more than 45 %. In contrast, Class C, do not include any demands on a given content on renewable materials.

Lubricants examined by RISE, on behalf of the producer,  which fulfils the environmental requirements are listed below. Each examination presumes access to the formulation, including the chemical composition of the base fluid/s and the additives. All information about the product and the test results are given under a written personal confidentiality agreement. The technical performance level is set by the standard and is fulfilled by self-claim by the manufacturers.

At present only products in the environmentally adapted class B have been examined. The following products fulfils requirements for class B:

July 2019

The changes that have been included after edition of the previous list are marked with EXTRA BOLD TYPE.



Agrol Entreprenadfett EP2 Bio Agro Oil AB
Alassca 762 OS Axel Christiernsson International AB
Axellence 740 EPBD Axel Christiernsson International AB
Axellence 752 EPBD Axel Christiernsson International AB
Axellence 7400 EPBD Axel Christiernsson International AB
Hycal 440 EPEF Axel Christiernsson International AB
Hycal 442 EPEF Axel Christiernsson International AB
Hycal 760 EPEF Axel Christiernsson International AB
Hycal 762 EPEF Axel Christiernsson International AB
Binol Rail 510 Binol AB
Cargo Bio Natur 2 Cargo Oil AB
Cargo Bio Natur 0 Cargo Oil AB
Cargo Bio Rail Cargo Oil AB
Clarity Synthetic EA Grease Chevron Lubricants
EPIROC Bio Chisel Paste Construction Tools GmbH
ETG 122 Bio EverTec AB
GreaseWay Bio CaH 82 Fuchs Lubricants Sweden AB
UniWay Bio Lix 62 Fuchs Lubricants Sweden AB
GreaseWay Bio Lix Ultra 400 Fuchs Lubricants Sweden AB
Tramlub SSM Eco Gleitmo Technik
Locolub Eco Gleitmo Technik
KAJO-BIO-Chain Grease H.V. KAJO GmbH
KAJO-BIO-Longlife Grease LZR 2 KAJO GmbH
KAJO-BIO-Meisselhammerpaste KAJO GmbH
LanoPro Lube Paste ST2 EAL Lanopro Production AS
LanoPro Marine Grease EP0 EAL Lanopro Production AS
LanoPro Marine Grease EP2 EAL Lanopro Production AS
LanoPro Multi Grease EP0 EAL Lanopro Production AS
LanoPro Multi Grease EP2 EAL Lanopro Production AS
LanoPro Offshore Grease HD2 EAL Lanopro Production AS
LanoPro Universal Grease HD2 EAL Lanopro Production AS
LanoPro Wire Grease ST2 EAL Lanopro Production AS
Molldy Sågkedjefett BIO AB Lysco
Biolubri Greaskote 100 Magna International Pte Ltd
Biolubri Greaskote-C Magna International Pte Ltd
Midland Bioplex Midland AB  
Neste Multigrease Bio EP 2 Neste Oil AB
Neste Multigrease Bio EP 0 Neste Oil AB
Q8 Renoir WR 462 OK-Q8 AB
PONSSE Logger's Bio grease NLGI 2 Ponsse Oyj
Biogrease Heavy EP 2 Preem AB
Biogrease Medium EP 00 Preem AB
Whitmore BioRail Ramby Oljor & Verktyg AB
LGGB 2 SKF Maintenance Products
Shell Retinax Grease CSB 00 Svenska Shell AB
Swedol Universalfett Bio Swedol AB
Swedol Entreprenadfett Bio Swedol AB
Bioadhesive Plus Total Lubrifiants
Biomultis EP 2 Total Lubrifiants
Xtreme Water Resistant VGP TrustLube B.V.
Vossloh Nordic BIO -25/+40°C Rail Grease Vossloh Nordic Switch Systems AB
ZEP ProLube GREEN ZEP Industries


The products on the list are used in a wide range of applications, including universal lubrication, rail lubrication, lubrication for heavy forestry machinery and, in central lubrication systems for trucks and other vehicles.

The examination mentioned above does not include the technical requirements of the Standard. Information about the technical properties, etc., of the lubricant is available from the suppliers.

An alteration of lubricant should preferably be implemented in consultation with the equipment manufacturer or the supplier. The list has been compiled by applying the Standard´s criteria as specified by "Ren Smörja". By an agreement between the parties concerned this regularly updated website replaces all previously published lists.

This page is regularly updated, at the most once a month.

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