Notified Body for the PPE-directive 89/686/EEC

RISE is a Notified Body for EG type approval of Personal Protective Equipment according to the European Commission Directive 89/686/EEC. The type approval procedure gives the manufacturer possibility to put the CE-mark on the product, which is a requisite to put the product on the market within the Community.

For manufacturers of personal protective equipment, of category II and III, the manufacturer have to engage a Notified Body which by an EC type examination confirms that the product fulfils applicable requirements in the directive. The type examination is executed according to a harmonized European standard if such a standard exists. 
After an EC-type approval, an EC type examination certificate is issued. Together with , among others, the manufacturers declaration of conformity, the manufacturer can put the CE-mark on the product. When it comes to products of category III, the manufacturer have to, in addition to the type approval, also engage a Notified Body performing a surveillance activity. This can be done either by control of  finished products or by assessment of the manufacturers quality system. The manufacturer chooses which alternative is best for him.

RISE notification in the field of PPE covers: 
  • Type approval according to article 10 of the Directive  
  • Assessment of quality systems according to article 11A and 11B of the Directive

Product areas:

  • Equipment for protection against falls from a height 
  • Head protectors (helmets and other headgears for professional and private use, face protectors for ice hockey players) 
  • Protective clothing, gloves (Chemical attack, heat) 
  • Protective clothing (High visibility, reflecting materials) 
  • Reflectors
  • Protective Eyewear used in the game of Floorball
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