Determination of Physical Properties

We perform determination of physical properties on petroleum products, concrete additives, liquid foam, aqueous solutions, paints, and lacquers.

SP 1160 – Determination of density for petroleum products etc., using a digital densitometer according to ASTM-D 4052, at 10°C - ¬ 30°C as well as up to 150°C, using the ISO 3838 pycnometer method. Density determination is also performed on other products, e.g. concrete additives, liquid foams, aqueous solutions, and paints.

Freezing point:
SP 1150 – Determination of the freezing point of windscreen washer fluids, according to BS 5117, section 1.3:1985.
Freezing point determination is also performed on other solutions, down to - 40°C.

SP 0537 – Determination of the viscosity for petroleum products, according to ISO 3104, using a Cannon-Frenske viscosimeter at temperatures of up to 150°C.
Kinematic viscosity is also determined in water-based solutions, e.g. liquid foams.
Dynamic viscosity is determined using a Brookfield LVTD, a Haake Viscotester VT5L/R, or by calculations based on kinematic viscosity and density.

Surface tension:
SP 0615 – Surface tension is determined according to ISO 304 using the ring method, Krüss Tensiometer model K6 on, for example, liquid foams.

Combustibility is determined according to a method described in ADR-S, attachment A/Part III/Appendix A.3. ADR-S is the Swedish Rescue Services Agency’s regulations for road transports of dangerous goods.

The distillation properties of petroleum products at atmospheric pressure are determined according to SS-EN ISO 3405.

Methods without agitation/stirring:
- Setaflash method SP 1333, ISO 3679: Paints, lacquers, petroleum and similar products.
Determination of flash point below 110° C – Rapid equilibrium method.
- Cleveland open cup method ISO 2592. Petroleum products and lubricants.
Determination of flash point and fire point in an open crucible, also used for some solids.

Method with agitation /stirring:
- Abel Pensky method EN 57 for paints, lacquers, petroleum and similar products.
- Pensky Martens method ISO 2719 for petroleum products and lubricants.

Spontaneous combustion point:
Spontaneous combustion temperature of fluid petroleum products ASTM D 2155.

Water content:
SP 0535, ISO 3737 Petroleum products – Water content determination through distillation.
Determination of water content in petroleum products using the Karl-Fischer ASTM D 1744-92 method, and in other solutions according to ASTM D E 203-75.
When determining the water content in polymers, the sample is heated in a tube furnace. The moisture is then transferred to the Karl-Fisher equipment using nitrogen gas.



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