Wooden houses

Wooden houseSP performs inspections and tests for wooden house industry.

As a manufacturer of wooden houses and wooden house components, you can assure yourself with SP's certification rules concerning wooden houses. You can also test your constructions at us.


SP is an accredited inspection and certification body for wooden houses.

SP's certification rule

The inspection according to SP's certification rules, concerning wooden houses, focuses on the projection and manufacture of the houses meeting Sweden's Planning and Building Act. SP can also perform an audit of design solutions in terms of statics, humidity, energy issues etc. In addition to the above inspections, a control on the construction site can be added.

CE marking

We have the ability to issue certificates according to ETAG 007 Timber frame building kits. The purpose of the CE marking is that the product can be sold throughout Europe. The products must of course be dimensioned according to the conditions at the construction site.

International certifications

We also carry out inspections on behalf of foreign institutions. If you for example have a German or Norwegian certificate, SP can perform production control.


In our laboratories, we can test most designs, from small fasteners to large wall and modular elements. SP is an accredited laboratory according to standard EN 17025.


SP offers training and personnel certification for timber builders.

Wood Technological Assessment

Our primary aim is to offer services relating to testing, inspection/certification, damage investigation and theme days, mainly related to wood, furniture and construction industry.Read more...

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