Development of advanced antennas

RISE develops advanced antennas and antenna systems for complex environments. The extensive experience in areas such as antenna technology, wave propagation, communication technology and measurement technology are used.

We have many years of experience in fields such as antenna technology, wave propagation, communication technology and measurement methods, which is employed in product-related projects to assist customers' development of new products, new technologies and new methods. Such work is performed in close collaboration with our customers, and often with external financing from sources such as VINNOVA. 

Projects involving complex problem solving that we have carried out include:
Custom solution for remote controlled container locks

This involved the design of an antenna system for radio-controlled container locks. The metal walls of containers create a complex environment for the antennas and for wave propagation in the system. Standard solutions worked poorly, and so we developed a custom solution. 

Transmitters for use both in air and under water

This is a feasibility study for an antenna that not only works in air, but also if it is partly immersed in water. Water affects not only the direct radiation in the antenna near field, but also the wave propagation at longer distances. The requirement for operation under both conditions further complicates the design. 

Electrically steerable antenna

Another feasibility study, this time for an electrically steerable antenna for a vehicle radar system.  Radar sensors for cruise control and collision warning systems in vehicles are becoming more common. They need to have good performance, high operational reliability, and yet be cheap to manufacture. SP has worked with Chalmers University of Technology to investigate a means of controlling the antenna beam. 

Horn antennas

Design and manufacturer of custom horn antennas. We have designed and built a number of horn antennas for other measurement laboratories. 

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