Air filtration

Airborne particles can cause health problems and interfere with or damage technical systems, which is why they should be filtered out from sources in our surroundings. SP measures particle reduction and tests the performance of air treatment equipment: in particular, we test the performance of various types of air filters as well as that of air purifiers and vacuum cleaners.

We conduct an extensive range of test activities in our laboratory, covering a wide range of types of air filters, vacuum cleaners and air purifiers. Performance parameters that can be of interest to measure are those such as efficiency, pressure drop, particle reduction, air flows and dust measurement. Tests are performed in accordance with recognised standards, or can be customised both in terms of equipment and of procedure in order to suit specific requirements of the manufacturer or of the product, which enables us to offer a wide range of services.  


P-marking of air filters 

We can perform the necessary testing and third-party inspections needed for P-marking of air filters. These tests are based on EN 779 and long-term testing under actual operating conditions in accordance with SP Test Method 1937.  


Other facilities

With access to several different particle counters, we can measure particles from the 0.09 µm size interval and upwards. Other departments within SP provide additional resources in the form of advanced equipment for measurement and characterisation of particles, such as chemical analysis, size and shape. We also have several climate chambers, in which products can be exposed to cold, heat and moisture, all as required by the customer.  


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Här presenterar vi vår verksamhet som berör filter. Med filter avses här filter som används i syfte att filtrera bort luftburna partiklar.Read more...

Air Cleaners and Cleaning Equipment

We conduct tests of vacuum cleaners and air cleaners.

Combustion and Aerosol Technology

Combustion and Aerosol Technology at RISE

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Air Cleaners and Cleaning Equipment

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