Testing alarm systems

We offer testing and certification for the European market of intruder and fire alarm systems. We have long experience and extensive knowledge of the standards of today and what is going on in standardization.

Fire alarms

Fire alarm systems installed in buildings shall comply with the Construction Products Directive, CPD (89/106/EEC) which is a legal requirement in the EU.

RISE can help to test control panels, power supplies and alarm transmitters according to the harmonic standard in the EN 54 series, and issue certificates for this. We also have the opportunity to test fire alarm panels (BFT) in accordance with SS 3654 and make test reports that are valid at the Swedish Fire and Security Certification (SBSC).

We also conducts certified testing of smoke and heat control systems in accordance with EN 12101-10.

Intrusion alarms

Intrusion alarms are not regulated in the CPD, but there are a number of European standards in the EN 50131 series used as standards in procurement, etc. SP offers you an accredited test according to ISO / IEC 17025 and certificates according to EN 45011. We are specialists in control panels, power supplies, alarm transmitters, bypass switch and sirens. We can also offer testing according to SSF standards as SSF1014, which can be used as a basis for a SBSC certificate. A SBSC certificate can be of great assistance in procurements, etc.


CE marking is an important part of the European Commission product legislation and covers, among others, construction products, electrical products, machinery, toys and personal protective equipment. Read more...
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