Atmospheric Measurements using GNSS

Since the signals from the satellites propagate through our atmosphere before reaching Earth, studies of the signals can give us much information about the atmosphere above us.
Weather forecasts are made with the GPS measurements

RISE determines routinely the amount of atmospheric water vapour from a large number of GPS receivers across Europe. This is an important parameter in the study of our climate and the information is used to evaluate climate models in a project together with SMHI. Similar results are also used for the study of more short-term phenomena. Weather forecasts can now be made more reliable by incorporating GPS measurements of water vapor.

Studies of Ionosphere

Another part of the atmosphere that RISE is studying with the help of GPS is Ionosphere. It consists in part of charged particles that affect different types of communication. The amount of free electrons in Ionosphere can be measured with GPS and continuous observations are performed using software from RISE.

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