Machines and automation equipment

Production machines

Our services to the manufacturing industries include inspection of machine tools, presses and industrial robots, whether as stand-alone units or as parts of production processes.  In addition to traditional measurements in one or two dimensions, we have also developed methodologies which, with very short set-up times, can deliver 3D machine status information.  As a result, we are often involved in assisting mechanical set-up and alignment of equipment. 

Automation equipment 

Geometric assurance of product-handling equipment is often a critical part of a process.  We can assist in a number of ways, such as exact positioning of equipment or measurement of dynamic processes.  Velocity measurement is a service that we can provide in certain applications. 

Mobility and robustness

Several portable measurement systems enable us to meet the needs of a wide range of situations, environmental conditions and required accuracies. 

Geometrical and dimensional metrology

We perform shop-floor geometrical and dimensional assurance, as well as LSM (Large-Scale Metrology).Read more...

Fixtures and assembly jigs

A common application is on-site inspection/calibration of for example machining- or welding fixtures.Read more...

Inspection of large parts

We help to assure the accuracy of larger products. Read more...

Kalibrering av cisterner/tankar

Tankar används ofta som mätinstrument vid handel med exempelvis petroleumprodukter. Använder man sig av nominell area i en tank (t.ex. från en ritning) kan man dock missa med en eller till och med fler procent. Read more...

Documentation – Temporary installations or permanent plants

In many cases, our measurements provide data that can be used directly as input for other purposes or applications. The results can then be used, if necessary, to create 3D models or in other visualisation processes. Read more...

Measuring instruments and references

We calibrate measuring instruments in our laboratories, as well as at site.Read more...

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