Analysis of biogas and other gas mixtures

Biogas consists principally of methane and carbon dioxide but can also contain small amounts of a wide range of other compounds. Some of them don’t contribute to the energy content, and may be corrosive, poisonous or be responsive for releasing bad smells in the neighbourhood or during the process. Knowledge about biogas content is thus valuable.

SP provides analyses of biogas and other gas mixtures, as example natural gas, process gases… via sampling in a gas-tight bag or directly from gas tubes. Special gas-tight bags can be provided by us. If needed, we can also assist with sampling directly at the facility. With access to many different instruments of analyses, we can offer gas analyses, all after requirement. Quality assurance of our analyses is obtained by mean of certified gas mixtures in tubes.

Example of analyses we can offer:

  • Base analysis
     Methane, CH4: from 0.1 vol-%
     Carbon dioxide, CO2: from 0.1 vol-%
     Carbon monoxide, CO: from 0.1 vol-%
     Nitrogen, N2: from 0.3 vol-%
     Oxygen, O2: from 0.1 vol-%
     Hydrogen, H2: from 0.1 vol-%
     Hydrogen sulfide, H2S:  1-2000 ppm-vol
  • Complementary analysis
    In cases where more compounds or/and lower detection limits are required, we can also offer the following analyses:
     Low molecular hydrocarbons (C2-C5, ethane-pentane, saturated and unsaturated: 1 ppm-vol
     Methane CH4: from 1 ppm-vol
     Water:  500 ppm (in bags), 5 ppm (in cylinder)
     Hydrogen: from 20 ppm-vol
     Ammonia: from 2 ppm-vol (in cylinders)
    The analyses are performed by use, as example, of a gas chromatograph (GC) equipped with a TCD (Thermal conductivity detector), FID (Flame ionisation detector).

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