Biorefinery Demo Plant – A boost for your biorefinery development!

Biorefinery Demo Plant

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The Biorefinery Demo Plant in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden, has all the necessary steps to convert biomass to final products like e.g. carbohydrates, lignin, proteins, enzymes, chemicals, material and ethanol. It is neutral and open to all kinds of customers, such as national and international companies, universities and institutes. Customers and partners can scale up their research, fractionate biomass or produce larger amounts of intermediates or products needed for development and market introduction.



Verification of process parameters obtained in laboratory or pilot scale. Preparation of design data for further up-scaling. Fractionation of feedstock, e.g. sugar platform or lignin materials for further development. Production of larger product quantities for market introduction.

Flexibility: The plant is flexible and it is possible to run numerous raw materials in solid or liquid form in different process configurations. Process flexibility, if you tell us what you want to achieve, we will make it happen!





Hydrothermal treatment is made in continuous reactors in one or two steps, with or without catalysts. The biotechnology part is flexible with possibilities for both aerobe and anaerobe processes.  Microorganisms, also genetically modified ones, can be propagated and used in fermentation. We have an extensive set-up of downstream processing equipment.

Up scaling

Customers can make trials and development work in all scales, from laboratory and pilot scales up to demonstration scale.

Long experience

The competence is based on more than 10 years of practical experience operating the plant and a strong biorefinery research network. Extensive experiences of different feedstock - e.g. wood, straw, corn stoves, sugarcane bagasse - not forgetting elk bones. Among the staff we count researchers as well as of process operators with industrial experience.

Continuous runs

The plant is operated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week which is ideal for long run verification tests. It has a capacity of 1-2 tonnes of feedstock per 24 hours.

Complete discretion: Customers work with us under complete discretion and are always the owners of the results as well as of specific IP from contract work.


There is a need to go up and down in different scales during different phases of a development process. Lessons learned in larger scale needs to be addressed in the laboratory and new findings in laboratory research need to be verified in a larger scale. Here in Örnsköldsvik we can take care of all sorts of tests, from laboratory to demo scale.





You are welcome to the Biorefinery Demo Plant, a flexible plant ready to boost your development of biorefinery products and processes with new innovations.

Energy and circular economy

The work of the department is concerned with research and technical evaluation in the fields of combustion technology, acoustics, building services systems, energy use in buildings and the indoor environment.Read more...


An increasing world population and greater demands on environmental awareness call for high efficiency energy solutions with minimal carbon dioxide emission. Read more...

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