Ladder scaffolding

Scaffolding to be used in Sweden must be type-tested and comply with the requirements of the Swedish Work Environment Authority's regulations AFS 1990:12, replaced by AFS 2013:4 after July 1st, 2014. As an accredited body, SP performs type testing of scaffolding for use in Sweden.

We perform tests, examination and calculations in accordance with EN 12810, EN 12811, EN 1004 and EN 74 standards.

Computer modelling and calculation is a powerful tool, not least when used in combination with testing, and is becoming increasingly frequently applied for evaluation of products and systems. Advanced calculations are made mainly using finite element analysis (FEM). Component tests are often used in order to provide input data for calculation models, supported by full-scale tests for verification of the models. 



We perform analyses and calculations of all types of building structures and construction details. SP has very considerable experience of evaluations, against both Swedish and other national codes and standards. 



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