Wires, cables and harness components

SP have a lot of experience from testing of cables and harness products. Our well equipped laboratories offer a lot of opportunities for testing of durability, mechanical, thermal and chemical properties.


We perform type tests of cables and evaluation of cable materials according to corporate standards and national and international standards.


Harness components is a field were we have a lot of experience. We perform evaluations of cables, tapes, protective hoses and other components for harnesses dedicated for private cars, trucks, ADR vehicles, ships and railway.

Marking systems

We have at the department of Polymer Technology developed SP-method 2171 for testing of marking sleeves. The method includes evaluation of durability, chemical resistance and mechanical properties.

The method is also applicable for testing of other marking systems for cables.

Heating cables

Certain types of heating cables are used for frost protection inside tap water pipes. To avoid health problems, it is important that no changes are made in approved cable sheath materials.
On the Swedish market there is today one type approved product and SP perform regular supervisory controls on its sheath material composition.


We take active part in national Swedish as well as international standardisation in the automotive cable field. By doing this we are in constant contact with car and cable manufacturers world wide. It also enables us to use novel test methods immediately after publication.
We can give first hand information on coming standards to car and cable manufacturers. This way they are able to adjust their own specifications and products to coming changes.

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