BRANZfire - simulation tool based on Zone modelling

Usually when a fire develops in an enclosure, there is a quick establishment of two clearly distinguishable 'zones'; one hot upper layer containing almost all smoke and toxic gases while the lower layer is mainly cold air. This is due to the density difference between the hot and the cold gas and this characteristic can be utilised for simplifying the fire model. Instead of simulating the events in a number of points throughout the enclosure volume, each zone is treated as a uniform gas volume with the same temperature and concentration of gases. This is a major simplification and often it provides good enough results for the fire calculations in a fraction of the time necessary for a full field-model simulation (CFD).

BRANZfire was developed at BRANZ (Building Research Association of New Zealand, ) and SP is supporting and re-selling the software in Europe.

The software includes several unique features for this kind of product: 

  • It combines well-established zone-modelling techniques with flame spread on lining materials, where the latter is based on empirical measurements (cone calorimeter data). 
  • It includes a glass-breaking model 
  • The software is Windows-based and very easy to use and understand, even for someone not acquainted with fire modelling 
  • The results are easily obtained as graphs or as an excel spread-sheet

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