Calibration services

RISE calibration services cover essentially all calibration requirements in all technology areas. Calibration of instruments by RISE means that their necessary traceability is guaranteed. In addition, we provide support in the form of access to measurement and instrumentation expertise in the various technology fields.

Ensure your measurement traceability

RISE possesses the complete chain of traceability required by modern quality systems for calibration of measuring instruments. We are closely involved in the constant development of new methods of measurement from fundamental principles, and participate in international comparison measurements. This ensures an unbroken traceability chain from national standards or references to your measurements - and all under one roof.

At SP or on site calibration

The calibrations are performed by RISE national standards laboratories or by accredited standards laboratories. We can also perform calibrations at your premises.

Strategic calibration

SPs broad selection of calibration services makes it easy to coordinate all calibrations.Read more...

CFI - Center for Intercomparisons

Measurement comparisons provide a very effective means for laboratories to demonstrate that they deliver good, correct and quality-assured measurement results. CFI is a platform for measurement comparisons. Read more...

RISE Calibration - the web site for your measuring equipment

Log in to your own page and see details of all your measuring equipment, the calibration status of each item and the associated calibration certificates.Read more...
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