Reliable measurement results can be assured by regular calibration of your measuring instruments by us. Specialising not just in calibration, but in electrical measurement technology as a whole, we can therefore help you with all types of measurement problems.
Electricity cannot be controlled without measurement

The ability to measure is a vital element of all electrical applications.  It is virtually impossible to determine the properties or performance of a system, or to locate faults in it, without the help of measurements.  In the same way, it is impossible to quantify the error or uncertainty of measurement of an electrical measuring instrument without comparing it with another instrument of higher accuracy, i.e. by means of regular calibration. 

Many applications for electrical measurement technology

Electrical measuring instruments are often designed as multi-function instruments, such as a common multimeter, which measures at least voltage, current and resistance.  Measuring instruments for non-electrical quantities are often based partly on electrical methods.  Energy conversion is a central element of electrical power applications, requiring measurements to relate electrical quantities to temperature, luminous intensity, force, torque etc. 


RISE provides calibration services for electrical resistance standards and various types of instruments, such as calibrators, multimeters, LCR meters and some temperature measuring instruments.Read more...

Electricity – Calibration in the field

RISE field calibration service calibrates multimeters, clip-on ammeters and all types of instruments for measuring electrical quantities. Read more...

High-voltage techniques

Our expertise includes high-voltage measurements of high currents and voltages. Read more...

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