Determination of mass and density

We can calibrate your weights and weighing instruments, as well as measure density and calibrate your density meters. So that you can rely on your weighing instruments, we can calibrate test weights at the appropriate accuracy for your needs, with the further benefit of short turnround times.
Calibration of weights

We calibrate weights having nominal masses between 1 mg and 5000 kg in OIML weight classes E1 ‑ M3.  Class M1 ‑ M3 weights can also be calibrated at your premises. 
We can also carry out verification of weights, which provides a complete picture of the quality of your weights, including parameters of magnetism, density and surface smoothness. 

Calibration of weighing instruments

Regardless of whether you use the results from your weighing instruments for process control or for sales purposes, there are savings to be made from knowing how exactly the instruments weigh.  In the case of process control, more exact measurements provide more consistent and higher quality of the end product.  If you use the results for calculation of invoices, the more exact that they are, the less the risk of incorrect invoices.

We calibrate many different types of instrument for weighing in laboratory, industry and in shops (for direct sales to the public) and also automatic weighing instruments such as catch weighers ,hopper weighers, belt weighers, rail weigh bridges vehicle weighing instruments,  etc

Density determination

In addition to determining the density of accurate reference weights, we also measure the density of other solid bodies and liquids.  We also calibrate instruments used for the determination of density, such as density meters, pycnometers, hydrometers and areometers.  

Calibration of control weights

We can help you by calibrating your weights and checking their tolerance classes. Read more...

Railway weighbridges

Railway wagons and carriages are weighed by dynamic weighing instruments over which the wagons or carriages run at low speed. We test, verify and calibrate all types of conveyor belt weighing instruments, whether new or modifications of existing weighing instruments. Read more...

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