Time and frequency

Our activities cover calibration of various types of time and frequency measuring instruments, with traceability back to national and international standards.

In particular, we calibrate frequency, time interval and date/epoch but can also, for example, calibrate period and measure frequency stability.

Calibration is normally carried out in our laboratories, but we can also perform on-site calibration using different methods. 

Calibration of stopwatches

RISE has developed software that offers on-site calibration of stopwatches.Read more...

Time Synchronisation

Our calibration service offers measurements with accuracies from tenth of seconds up to a billionth of a second. The measurements are performed at SP or on-site at the customers lab.Read more...

Time and frequency calibration via GPS

For calibration of more accurate time and frequency standards, we offer on-site calibration using the GPS satellite system as an intermediate reference. This requires installation of equipment for reception and storage of data from the GPS. Read more...

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