Calibration of sound calibrator

LjudkalibratorerThe sound calibrator is a tool for adjustment of the sensitivity of the measurement chain at a certain frequency prior to a measurement. However, it does not replace a full verification of the measurement equipment.

The characteristics of sound calibrators are specified in the international standard IEC 60942. Requirements and tolerances for sound pressure level, frequency, distortion and stability among other things are stated in this standard. The standard gives three classes of accuracy, LS, 1 and 2. Class LS is intended only for laboratory use while class 1 and 2 are intended for field use. These classes match the corresponding class for sound level meters.

RISE calibrates all types of sound calibrators. Parameters which are calibrated are sound pressure level, frequency and distortion. If the instrument is equipped with an accessory barometer, we check this as well at current air pressure.

Frequently asked questions

How often shall I calibrate my sound calibrator?

We recommend a calibration interval of 1 year.

Can I use my sound calibrator outdoors in wintertime?

Sound calibrators which fulfil IEC 60942 class 1 shall be possible to use down to -10 C. However, note that one of the most common sound calibrators, B&K 4230, which was designed before IEC 60942 was prepared, is specified for a considerably smaller temperature inverval.

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