Calibration of tapping machine

StegljudsapparatThe purpose of calibration of a tapping machine is to verify that it fulfils the requirements of Annex A of ISO 140 part 6 to 8. The properties of the tapping machine are mechanically defined, which means that the tested characreristics are hammer velocity, impact angle, hammer tip curvature, etc.

If needed, we can also make minor service on the tapping machine, such as cleaning, feet adjustments and hammer exchange.

We have two calibration periods with lower prices, week 17 and 48.

RISE is recommending a recalibratoin interval of three years for tapping machines in normal use. When used intensively or in severe environment, the interval should be shorter.

Common defects

  • To low velocity of hammers at impact
  • To long time between impacts
  • Wornout hammer tips

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