RISE Combustion, Gasification and Emissions

Our work on combustion technology embraces everything from domestic boilers to large combined heat and power plants, embracing fuel quality, combustion technology and reduction of emissions. We are accredited for testing in accordance with a number of standards. Many of the tests that we perform provide the basis for certifications such as P-marking and CE-marking. Our expertise and experience in combustion technology support a wide range of research at both national and international levels.
Testing Services and Standardisation work

We offer testing, evaluation and certification of combustion equipment and perform field measurements of airborne emissions from power and heating stations, offshore and shipping, and process industry.

As an accredited test laboratory we can offer testing for appliances using:

  • Solid fuels (i.e. wood and pellet boilers, wood and pellets stoves, inserts, cookers)
  • Liquid fuels (i.e. oil fired boilers, vehicle heaters, flue-less ethanol stoves)
  • Gaseous fuels (i.e. LPG refrigerators, gas-fired barbeques)

RISE Certification is a Notified Body for such appliances, which facilitates a smooth certification process. Many of the tests that we perform form the basis for certification such as CE-marking or the British RHI or MCS certification as well as national supporting schemes.

We have long experience of small-scale firing of logs, wood pellets and agricultural fuels offering testing of:

  • Fuel characterisation
  • Ash chemistry
  • Safety
  • Combustion performance
  • Emissions

We are also involved in drafting and evaluation of standards, giving us a good insight into regulations and support systems.

Research & Development (R&D)

The overall purpose of our R&D activities is to provide cutting-edge knowledge on the efficient use of biomass and waste with minimum environmental impact; often in cooperation with companies, public authorities, universities or other research institutes:

  • Combustion and gasification process (from domestic log-burning stoves and boilers to local heating plants, industrial boilers and commercial CHP plants)
  • Development of cost effective solutions to handle ash-related problems and emissions of hazardous gases during thermal conversion processes
  • Difficult fuel fractions (i.e. high ash or nitrogen contents) involving field investigations in the form of measurement and analysis of materials such as deposits, particulates or ashes
  • Development and demonstration of small-scale biofuel chains in close cooperation with various SME
Field activities

Field activities include performance measurements of boilers and boiler plants measuring and analysing of fuel, bottom ash, flue gas, fouling and emissions to air.

We have long experience in measuring and evaluation of various types of corrosion arising i.e. during combustion or gasification of most types of fuel and recommendations for anti-corrosion measures based on e.g. analyses of flue gases, fouling chemistry or the actual corrosion process itself.

Experimental facilities

We have state-of-the-art equipment in our laboratories for both technical evaluation and research activities. Our equipment can be used for fuel preparation, ash analysis, thermal conversion, gas analysis, corrosion measurements and deposits analysis just to name a few. We offer access to test-beds and demonstrators for combustion and gasification related research or testing with large fuel flexibility.

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Combustion and Aerosol Technology

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