Structures and systems

SP is one of Europe's largest organisations for fire technology research and evaluation of structures and systems. We perform fire tests in accordance with most of the standardised test methods, and are engaged in projects over a wide range of applications.

We evaluate fire resistance and performance of many structures and systems, mainly by means of furnace tests under standardised conditions.  A major working area is that of tests needed for product certification. We are accredited for a large number of test methods, and are a Notified Test Laboratory for many product standards, which means that we are an excellent one-stop source of assistance for CE-marking.

Main areas of research are fires in buildings, tunnels, vehicles and ships.  Using data on the performance of materials in fires, we can calculate expected temperature conditions in various types of structures.  Areas of current research include the spalling of concrete, development of methods of measurements, deterioration of fire resistance properties of structures as they age, and harmonisation of Nordic building regulations.

Fire Resistance testing

What is fire resistance?

Time-temperature curves

Example of temperature curves.

Data from localized fire experiment

Data from a large scale experiment on steel column exposed to pool fire. Read more...

Smoketighness Chamber

Classification of smoketight doors

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