Development of measurement technologies

In addition to using advanced technology in many areas, SP constantly develops new measurement technologies and new methods of measurement. Our expertise in developing and improving measurement technology and methods is a valuable resource that benefits our customers.

Our strength lies in our wide experience of many different technological and knowledge areas, enabling us to find applications in new areas for the ultimate benefit of our customers.  We possess leading edge competence in advanced measurement data processing, modelling and simulation.


SP is often employed as a consultant for the development of special methods of measurement for use at customers' sites. Such work can include validation of existing test or measurement methods, the development of special equipment, assistance with calculation or evaluation work, or uncertainty of measurement analyses. 

(We do not perform consulting assignments in areas where we work as a Notified Body and/or inspection body.)

Quality-assured systems for measurement processes

SP can help you to find the most efficient processes, in terms of such aspects as a suitable number of measurement points, relevant methods and suitable calibrations. Read more...

Strategic calibration

SPs broad selection of calibration services makes it easy to coordinate all calibrations.Read more...

DSWM - a Digital Multifunctional Sampling WattMeter standard

We are pleased to be able to provide for purchase our top-of-the-line power measuring system for power quality. Read more...

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