Digital media

The use of digital storage media, such as CD-R, seen by many as the solution to all problems with the storage of information. A great deal of information can be stored on one disk and the manufacturers guarantee that e.g. CDs will last for a long time, hundred years or more.

But something forgotten is that successful retrieval depends on the availability of soft- and hardware. These aspects are discussed in the SP Report "RAPPORT 1999:26 "Lagra information på CD-R för framtiden" (available in Swedish only).

The report discusses the following topics:
  • Permanence
  • The optical disc
  • The pigment
  • Recording on CD-R
  • Copying, converting and emulation
  • The laser
  • Reading
  • Results from research work
  • Types of disc
  • Standards Estimation of life time
  • Evaluation of quality in accordance with the Coloured Books
  • What can go wrong
  • Which digital technique is the best?
Magnetic storage media

In a number of research projects, SP has investigated the permanence of audio and video tapes and tapes for data storage. In connection with these projects we have gained a great deal of knowledge, useful for example when choosing the correct storage conditions for magnetic tapes.
At present, there are no technical specifications dealing with the permanence of these materials from the Swedish National Archives. Therefore, no certification procedure is available.

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