We offer certification, ITT-testing and inspections for CE-Marking according to applicable standards for doors, which are EN 16034 and 14351-1. We are an institute with broad expertise in over 150 harmonised standards according to Construction Products Regulation.

A door is a product of many uses. First of all to keep you safe. Safe from weather an wind, protecting you in case of fire, burglary and protect you against noise.


RISE Research institutes of Sweden is a Notified Body and accredited to carry out all the ”mandatory testing” for common European methods. We are one of the leading bodies in the field. Our capacity is ranging from standardised small scale tests to large scaled and for experiments.



Contact: Per Adolfsson


RISE Certification performs independent certification in accordance with a large number of standards and EU-directives/regulations for products. Our laboratories for testing are all accredited by SWEDAC. The tests follow the common European methods and are performed under accreditation, which means they are accepted throughout Europe.

Fire Research and Testing

Contact: Patrik Johansson

Our Fire Research laboratory is your partner for conducting accredited fire and smoke control tests for CE-Marking. The product standard EN 16034 will require CE-Marking of products such as e.g. industrial, commercial, residential, garage doors and gates. CE-Marking these products with respect to fire is made after testing according to EN 1634-1 and with respect to smoke control according to EN 1634-3. The products ability to stop fire and smoke is classified according to
EN 13501-2. Where the performance is designated by a letter, E (integrity),
I (insulation) and Sa / Sm (smoke control) and an index indicating the time
that the performance is maintained e.g. EI260-Sa.
Self closing is the ability of an open door or window to close fully into its frame.
and engage any latching device that may be fitted, without human intervention.
Self-closing criterion C0 is tested in conjunction with a fire test.

To measure heat and smoke production from the door materials, reaction to fire testing, if necessary, is conducted according to EN 13501-1


News: The product standard for fire resisting and smoke control door sets - EN 16034:2014 (Pedestrian doorsets, industrial, commercial, garage doors and openable windows - Product standard, performance characteristics - Fire resisting and/or smoke control characteristics) was published in the Official Journal of the European Union in July 2015. The implication of this standard being published will be that November 1st, 2016* CE marking comes into force and CE marking of these door sets will be possible. November 1st, 2019* is the end of the co-existence period of any national standard which means that from that point on CE marking is mandatory.

*) Provided that conditions set up by the European Commission are fulfilled 

Burglary resistance testing

Contact: Peter Blomgren

RISE has a modern and well equipped laboratory for testing of burglary
resistance products. Our offer is testing of complete doorsets and windows
for cylinders, locks and striking plates, building hardware, protected locking
plates, handles, hinges, panic exit devices and emergency exit devices.
We are testing the durability of self closing for the criterion C1-C5.
All test reports stating burglary, bullet and explosive resistance classification,
are issued according to European Standards.

Building Physics

Contact: Börje Gustavsson

Tests at RISE Building Physics are carried out in part to investigate how new
construction details work in practice, as a basis for both CE-
Marking and P-Marking, and also quality control of approved products at the
manufacturer’s base. We investigate how windows and doors are able to
withstand climatic stresses, a normal test sequence are air and rain tightness,
security against wind load. We can provide estimates or testing of U value.

Acoustic performance

Contact: Malin Lindgren

The acoustic performance of doors is described as the airborne sound
insulation and expresses a doors capability to protect against noise. The
airborne sound insulation is determined by laboratory measurements
according to EN ISO 10140-2 (replaces EN ISO 140-3) and evaluated
according to EN ISO 717-1. The measurement is carried out in a sound
transmission laboratory.
Demands on sound insulation may vary from country to country. SP can
help you determine the demands of your target market and if there is any
certification you need in order to fulfill the demands.

Development of glass applications in doors

Contact: Maria Lang, Glafo

If you need a partner for development of new doors with glass or glass doors you can turn to RISE Glass. We have experience in developing and building prototypes showing new solutions with functional glasses such as antenna glass, variable transparency, alarm, display, touch, load bearing glass, speakers etc.

We can also assist with different kinds of glass investigations such as surface or body damage, breakage and tension problems.


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Certification and main contact
Per Adolfsson

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Fire Research and Testing
Patrik Johansson

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Burglary resistance testing
Peter Blomgren

Phone: +46 10 516 54 25

Building Physics
Börje Gustavsson

Phone: +46 10 516 51 70

Acoustic performance
Glass applications in doors
Maria Lang

Phone: +46 10 516 63 56

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