Calibration of Flicker meters

By the calibration of flicker meters it can be assured that the errors of your flicker meters are kept within the desired levels.

Flicker is caused by large load changes or other changes in the distribution chain of the power, for instance it may be caused by welding equipments, printing machines or wind turbines. The changes in power will cause changes in the supply voltage and may cause light fluctuation which is irritating for humans and affect concentration and recreation. Most irritating is changes around 10 times per second.

A special type of equipment has been defined (the standard IEC/ EN 61000-4-15), with demodulation and filter devices, that can measure the flicker severity by measuring the voltage variation for any given voltage change level and rate. This standard also states a number of change levels and rates that will cause a short-time flicker severity level (Pst) of unity. The normal calibration method is to generate these combinations of modulation levels and change rates with a reference system and check the response of the flicker meter. The flicker reference of SP generates flicker levels within 0.01 at Pst=1. 



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